“Pour répondre a l’une des questions qui a été pausé, il existe aujourd’hui sur Bangkok un loueur de moto, tenu par 2 français. La boite s’appelle Bangkok Bikes Rental ( sont très cool et ont des motos en très bonne état allant du scooter a la 650 … Je cherchais moi meme depuis longtemps, si ca peut aider …
” ”
- Jobkk

Motorcycle Thailand wish you success

You likely the first motorcycle rental company in Bangkok. We at Motorcycle Thailand wish you success with your business endeavor.” ”
- motorcycle thailand

only reputable rental shop I know

“This is the only reputable rental shop I know of in Bangkok:
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
Tony” ”
- Tony
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Since 2009 BANGKOK BIKES RENTAL have been hiring a wide choice of motorcycles, from 125cc scooters to 650cc touring bikes. All our motorcycles are maximum 2 years old and regularly serviced by an authorised Kawasaki dealer. For a small fee we provide helmets, bags, GPS, onboard video cameras and everything you need to turn your motorcycle tour in Thailand into an adventure. Third-party insurance underwritten by an international company is included in our service for your peace of mind.